Restorations and Resolutions

Ok so I've figured out what my New Year's Resolution is going to be...it's to finally re-finish my chest of drawers and two chairs I just bought at Goodwill! I feel like this is something completely within reach to do and can't wait to get started.

I've seen so many inspiration pictures from friends and other blogs that I'm thinking it's going to be a breeze. The chairs will have to be recovered so that I cannot do and will not even attempt but I'll do everything up to that point! Hopefully I don't have my head in la-la land but stay tuned to see how they turn out! What is your New Year's Eve resolution???


I heart NY

There are thousands upon thousands of designers in New York City but only one that I am personally most found of... He goes by the name of Austin Bradley; he's a great friend of mine. We were in the same design program in college. He now lives and works in New York designing interiors and furniture for NY's elite. These are just a few photos of one apartment he designed there in the city. Check out that view!! The small end table is one of my favorites as well as that painting above the couch. You know I love color! I cannot wait to get to show you more in the very near future!


Oh Come, All Ye Faithful...and decorate!

I love the Christmas holiday season! It is my favorite BY FAR. All of the decorations, the smiles, sweet Christmas smells, they just put me in the best mood all season! Here are a few images that I've found on my Christmas cupboard journey. I can't wait to continue to post holiday decorating ideas! How are you going to decorate your kitchen or other areas for Christmas this year??


Do you want to come up for coffee?

Has anyone really said that on an actual date before? Who wants coffee breath before you say good night or wants to be all jazzed up before hitting the bed? Probably not many BUT there are so many people that LOVE coffee (I'm more of a mountain dew girl!) that in home coffee/cappuccino makers have really hit the scene in the past several years. Here are a few images that might help if you're thinking of installing one of these in your home.

(not really a built-in coffee maker but a great reference for a built-in bar)


Breakfast Nooks

Over the past few years I have fallen back in love with banquette seating in kitchens. I remember having one at my grandmother's home when we were little. At the time, we thought it was the best thing in the world! Who knows, maybe it was...maybe she was on to something.
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