Oh Come, All Ye Faithful...and decorate!

I love the Christmas holiday season! It is my favorite BY FAR. All of the decorations, the smiles, sweet Christmas smells, they just put me in the best mood all season! Here are a few images that I've found on my Christmas cupboard journey. I can't wait to continue to post holiday decorating ideas! How are you going to decorate your kitchen or other areas for Christmas this year??


  1. So, so beautiful. This year I've been digging all of the metallics. I just love the look of silver and gold for holiday decor. I normally don't like things SO fancy, but I think bling is so fun for this time of year.

  2. I completely agree. In my house, we have all silver smooth and glittery ball ornaments resting on silver platters...if not on the tree. We also have a silver candle stick holders all varying in shapes and sizes on our dining room table with tall red candle sticks! I just love this season!!


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