"Proud Mary"-Tina Turner

Should be Proud Rosemary...I heart this kitchen and most importantly the master bath! The pictures are not of the best quality but I hope you get the "picture". These are from our MN install a couple weeks ago.


"A Change is Gonna Come" the one and only, Otis Redding

Blog! Blog! Blog! ...at least that's what I think of everyday. Unfortunately, that's not what always occurs. Work and life here in the new city are starting to pick up and spin like they've both had a big night on the town. Let's see...I've been to Minnesota, back to GA, then Florida, back to GA, down to FL again (birth of my second niece: otherwise, for me, known as Aunt-hood 2.0), then finally back in GA for at least a week or two. Within the next month or three I should be going to New York (staying in a 3 story penthouse on Park Ave-pick your jaw up) for work, then South Carolina for a two week install, then Indiana for a fun wedding, then hopefully Aspen & Denver to meet two other clients (cross your fingers I'm on that trip)! It's only picked up just a little here right? Below are a few images of our MN trip and a couple of one really sweet little nugget!

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