Meet Me In The Morning, bob dylan

I'll be flying out to Minnesota in the morning for work and am so excited! We'll be installing up there until Friday then flying back. Haven't been to MN in two years and am so pumped about going again! Wish me luck!!!

I wonder if I'll get this...
...or this (I hope for the first one)!


My Horizontal Life -chelsea handler

I love that book! Since moving to "the big city" I've been doing a lot of changing in my design style. Everything seems to be shifting by no fault of my own or anyone else's. More of a product of my environment. Planked anything is way up there on my new list of old & industrial loves! Not the old paneling that we all had growing up and would die if we had to have it again but old, worn, solid pieces of wooden planks. White wash is my fav! Back to the Future would've gone a little something like this if it were filmed in the 70's.


Loft In Translation

I am totally and utterly obsessed and in love with lofts. My dream (right now) is to live in a loft with exposed brick, exposed duct work, floor to ceiling windows, huge roof top terrace with a cool landscaping & cool pool and an amazing view of the city...not to much to ask right? But in this city, I think your first born child and entire year's salary is required for your down payment. There's just something about loft style living that seems so cool and easy. I love the simplistic design style of these spaces, whether contemporary, urban, traditional, or even a little beach cottage feel. They're all so inspiring and oh so chic!!


"Vincent" josh groban

I was recently introduced to this designer/photographer's website and as I was going through I notice this one resident that had tons of art throughout their home. Being a designer you learn a lot about art out in the professional field but get a really great foundation to start from in school. I would like to think though that I would be drawn to art even if I weren't a designer, that it's just something in your blood. Anyway, the reason for all that was because I love how art is such a way for everyone to express themselves. You can turn in every different direction with art. You even like some form of art even if you say you don't like art. Art is everywhere! Loves it!!!


"Days Like This" van morrison

I'm trying to wrap my head around the fact that summer is ending and taking most of all of the fun summertime shenanigans with it. I try not to dread any season (there's always fun things to do no matter the weather) but with the end of summer comes the "oh my gosh, I haven't completed anything on my list" moment. It's like they move the end of summer every year and it creeps up on you! In honor of lazy, breezy, fun filled and exciting summertime, I hope you enjoyed these beautiful images.


"Don't Drink The Water," dave mathews band

Please don't because all of these before kitchens are heinous and you don't know what you could catch. The pictures below, for me, are the reason that I went into this field. I get so excited and get so many ideas from images like the ones below that I literally give myself a headache. It's so cool what designers and/or homeowners come up with.

I started thinking about different before and after renovations and how they can COMPLETELY change everything you ever thought of a space...even an entire house, so I revisited one of my favorite blogs Young House Love while blogging around this morning. There are SOOOO many awesome remakes throughout their entire home but these are just a few for you!

"I put my heart & soul into my work, & have lost my mind in the process" -Vincent Van Gogh :)


...and we're back!

It has been a busy busy BUSY few months with getting more involved within projects at work, learning my new and beautiful city, making new friends, and doing everything without a personal computer (since April) but we are back and running and I'm so super excited!! I cannot even tell you how much I've missed blogging ideas and new inspirations. It's like having an online idea file that I get to share with you and go back to over and over again for ideas. Granted, my actual "idea file" on the laptop is 100 times larger than what's online, it still counts! So let's start this one off with a bang...my first installation within my new job! Whew!! This was such a fun project to work on. I came into this one after around 90% of the kitchen layout was complete but got to be a part of the design process; oversee most of the installation and tweaking within the entire house. This planked cabinetry style is the new face of our custom cabinetry. It has such a unique quality that I love...it can be a nightmare to get every little line to line up but completely and totally worth it! We brought this kitchen up to date and even a little more into the future while maintaining a classic look. I love the seamless and consistent lines (the hidden bathroom door), the white subway tile (my favorite of all time), and our clear glass pendants (our "ah-ha" moment). Such a great first install and great client to work with! Can't wait to show more of our designs once our installations are complete! :)
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