Happy Friday

My sweet niece is coming into town to spend the weekend with me! I hope for fabulous weather like last weekend so we can go run & play in the park!


Anthropology Apology

Meg over on House Notes is having a Anthropology craft party over on her blog today! This is such a perfect idea for all of us to create something cool and get together to blog about it! I don't know if it is a competition or just a show and tell but none the less it's a perfect idea Meg!

I'm sending out my official Anthropology Apology with this one...this project is less than stellar but was cool & EASY to make. Please pardon the pictures though, I don't know how you guys get your pictures to look so professional! The finished project is a framed earring holder. You can go really fancy or pretty modern depending on the type of frame you select.

For this project I selected a basic, large frame (I have a lot of earrings) to start and spray painted it white.

Then I cut my mesh wire to fit on the back of my frame.

I pulled the wire tight and stapled it many many times to the frame then nailed a hook/bracket on to the back to hang it on the wall.

Once the finished frame is on the wall you want to be able to actually hang earrings on it, right? So you want to get the mesh wire off of the wall a little to be able to hook your earrings on it. Some people (ie: my roommate) used furring strips but I didn't have any so I used some extra felt pads!

Once you're finished then you can hang it on the wall and will have a fun display for your fun earrings!!

I got the idea from my roommate, Emily. I loved her frame but I was trying to create a project that was the best kind of all...FREE!!!

This could not have been easier to make. I love mine so far and the earrings stay on so well! It's been perfect for quickly finding earrings to wear everyday! Thanks for the idea Em!!


1, 2, 3, 4 Tell Me That You Love Me More

I feel like such a complete blogging amateur today. My good friends, Meg, over on House Notes and Heather, on McKinney Living awarded me with a Happy 101 Award this week and last week and I didn't even know what to do with it! I had to email Meg and ask...yes, my name is Rosemary and I'm a complete moron! Thank you girls so much; I am so flattered!!!

So here's a list of my top 10 favorite things on earth (in complete random order)! Yay!

1. My family
2. Amazing friends :)
3. Back porch swings
4. Beaches & lakes
5. Music, music, music
6. Dancing
7. Summer dresses
8. Mountain Dew & Doritos
9. My mama’s sweet perfume
10. UGA tailgates

Ok, now without further ado, it’s on for the blogs! There are so many many many blogs that are so amazing. It’s really hard to name just 10! There are the house ones, fashion ones, music ones, & family ones…oh the agony. I’m just going to stick with only the home & garden ones this time. If you are not already a fan or follower of any of these then please do yourself a favor and click!

1. Coco+Kelly
2. Concrete and Honey
3. Daily Classic
4. My Notting Hill
5. Life in the Fun Lane
6. Pink Wallpaper
7. Porch Light Interiors
8. The Lettered Cottage
9. Hill Country House
10. Blueprint Bliss

There really are such amazing blogs & I'm sure I haven't even begun to scratch the surface with the ones that I've come across in the past few months. I can't wait to continue in this every changing blogging world and to get to chat with people from around the world! Thank you again Meg & Heather! Happy Blogging Guys!


On Second Thought

This might also go along with my earlier post on cabinetry storage...what do you think about something like this on the wall right above what ever cabinet is going in the dining room? It will probably be painted black with maybe two of these (one on top of the other) with cool wine bottles on display!?! Thoughts?

Bar Flies

My roomies and I are trying desperately to get everything in our new home up and running for , one, our sanity and , two, the house warming party we want to have! We have a few things left to finish up and one is our dining room. We're trying to find some sort of wine unit with storage to go in this space for a small bar area. We have between 3-4 ft. to work with. What do you guys think of the ones above? We are at a loss...has anyone seen anything out there that won't break the bank?


Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

My precious niece had her baby dedication this past Sunday...Valentine's Day! What a sweet gift for God and for her mommy and daddy...and the rest of our family! This day was filled with so much love and support. Braylee was so good during her dedication and afterwards taking pictures with everyone. She was our perfect little valentine! :)


40 Days and 40 Nights

If it's going to continue to rain this much can this be my Noah's Ark?

Dear Jesus...please?


If The Shoe Fits

You know I've been thinking of different closet design ideas for a client in South Carolina recently. Then the inevitable happened and I started thinking of my own closet...which in turn led to me getting lost in the sweet bliss of la la land. Who wouldn't just die for one of these? I would take them in a second! :)

"Any closet is a walk-in closet if you try hard enough"
- Steve Connelly


Please Ma'am May I Have Another

I received a request from Meg on House Notes a few weeks ago asking would I post a few pictures of backsplash ideas. I have not been able to find the time up until this point (so sorry) but you wanted them...well now you have them! And a lot of them! :)

Subway tile of any material or finish is my absolute favorite! To me, in an odd way, it feels timeless but has such a modern feel to it.

Really cool way to mix up your sizes but mean while staying within the same tile family.

Now this is for the artistic! You can make any design, and I mean any, with mosaic tiles. This will make any home unique; it's a great way to express your inner artist!

I do like the look of slate tiles. We have them on the floor of my kitchen in a larger size. There are so many colors that jump out...beautiful anywhere!

How about a little metal?? This is a cool design and is so practical for wiping up grease splatter behind the range/cooktop area.

Sticking with the same pattern but switching the material...travertine! I love this material too. It's a natural material that you can choose to fill in the creases and crevices for a smoother finish if you'd like.

I love the boldness of this kitchen. There are so many colors screaming out! I would love to experiment with more color in the beach house that I'm going to buy...one day.

Recycled tile is always a great direction to go in. This particular view shows an iridescent, mosaic tile. This type of tile comes in every shade of color you can imagine.

Again with the subway tile, I know, I know. Not even to mention that it's white...my favorite! Yes, I have a lot of favorites but white subway tile might take the cake!

How much fun is this? This is a backsplash in a bath area. Great area to just have a little more fun in!

Another example of mosaic tile. I love the contemporary feel of this kitchen. It's so clutter free!

I have seen this look more and more within the past few months. Almost any type of countertop material will work on the walls but the look of marble is my favorite. With its coloration and characteristics it feels like it has an old soul to me!
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