Anthropology Apology

Meg over on House Notes is having a Anthropology craft party over on her blog today! This is such a perfect idea for all of us to create something cool and get together to blog about it! I don't know if it is a competition or just a show and tell but none the less it's a perfect idea Meg!

I'm sending out my official Anthropology Apology with this one...this project is less than stellar but was cool & EASY to make. Please pardon the pictures though, I don't know how you guys get your pictures to look so professional! The finished project is a framed earring holder. You can go really fancy or pretty modern depending on the type of frame you select.

For this project I selected a basic, large frame (I have a lot of earrings) to start and spray painted it white.

Then I cut my mesh wire to fit on the back of my frame.

I pulled the wire tight and stapled it many many times to the frame then nailed a hook/bracket on to the back to hang it on the wall.

Once the finished frame is on the wall you want to be able to actually hang earrings on it, right? So you want to get the mesh wire off of the wall a little to be able to hook your earrings on it. Some people (ie: my roommate) used furring strips but I didn't have any so I used some extra felt pads!

Once you're finished then you can hang it on the wall and will have a fun display for your fun earrings!!

I got the idea from my roommate, Emily. I loved her frame but I was trying to create a project that was the best kind of all...FREE!!!

This could not have been easier to make. I love mine so far and the earrings stay on so well! It's been perfect for quickly finding earrings to wear everyday! Thanks for the idea Em!!


  1. Rosemary, this project is so fab!!! You did an awesome job! And that Emily sure is a clever girl!

    I'm seriously on pins and needles to see your room again now with your newest additions. I about died over Louisa's room transformation (did she tell you I thought that she meant your grandmother made those pillows out of paper napkins? I'm obviously slow). All of you have such amazing taste. You just never cease to amaze me!!

  2. I LOVE THIS!!!! I might need to steal this... but then I'd need more earrings. And I am ok with that too. :)

  3. Haha, I'm with you Heather about more earrings! I need to make another one to fit the others but am running out of wall space!

    Meg you are too funny! My Mama Dee (grandmother) would be quite the craftsman if she'd made those out of paper napkins! The rest of our window treatments and pillows should be coming in this weekend...I for one cannot wait to get my hands on them!!!!!


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