Hanging on by a thread...or a wire in this case!

How genius is this?? This is such a creative & easy pendant that you can create right at home: all you need is a colander!!

I saw this used at a bar near 5-points in Atlanta, GA and fell in love with them! What a great way to bring the past into the future.

For all of you wine connoisseurs this one is for you! These wine glasses turned upside down seem as if they would reflect the perfect amount of light off of each other with just one simple bulb in the center!

I have always loved these basket pendants. They are such a natural element to use in this kitchen. They blend in completely with their surrounding but a fun color could make them pop for more of an artistic touch.

This modern glass pendant is sure to become quite a conversation piece in your kitchen, bar, or around your dining room table.

These pendants are one of the first pendants that I remember seeing when I started this blog a few weeks ago. They pretty much are the reason for this particular post. They bring so much to this space without being to distracting. I loved them!

Who doesn't love fabric?? These would be so easy to create in your own home. I would buy a colander lamp shade and cover it with fabric then buy a lighting kit and wah-lah, a beautiful and unique pendant light!

I adore these woven pendant lamps. They are cool and creative!!!

Wooden bulb pendant lamps...they are actually in the shape of light bulbs and they come in a variety of stain choices to choose from!


"Come on let your light shine through"

There are so many fun glass block colors to choose from...

Glass block shower with bright tile and wall color!

Unique glass block window in shower tile design.

Curved glass block shower wall.

Glass block shower half wall.


Happy Friday!

Patrick Dempsey I just knew you would have such classic style...I love you too!

Whitney Houston: nice curved walls echoed throughout your home!

Reggie Bush goes with a little more masculine scheme...figures so. I love the California Closets in the closet!

Whoopie-? Goldberg has such traditional style. I would never have guessed there would be so many classic pieces in her collection.


Lifestyles 3rd addition!

Natashia Bedingfield's kitchen and bath has such a clean and sleek look! I love the bamboo cabinets mixed with slab white and stainless steel. The frame-less shower is one of my favorites!

Meg Ryan's kitchen reminds me of a cool library with the larger display/book shelves on the back wall. The countertop space is perfect for cooking for large groups! I really enjoy the coffered and beamed ceilings in several rooms and the back lounge/dining area.

Mark Jacobs your style is right in tune where we thought you would be. Sleek, modern, sophisticated, and stylish!!!

Madonna!! This surprises me so much! It's very traditional on the interior...the back is not surprising though...it's just to die for! This was a Florida summer rental. Check out that island, you could seat the entire party there all at once.


Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous...part deux!

LeAnne Rimes who knew you were so Hollywood drab? I like the monochromatic scheme going on here but in every single room? I do love your kitchen though, especially the benches for bar stools!

Kim Kardashian your wallpaper in the powder bath makes me smile. I heart your Hollywood glam, mirrored furniture too!

Kenney Chesney you are a man after my own heart! I love your kitchen, your molding, your shower in your bath, and your music is pretty good too! ;) You even have a kitchenette in your bedroom! We would be perfect, I need a mountain dew first thing every morning!

Kate Hudson, Ryder's bed in his room is adorable! Your kitchen is so large and spacious. Great for all of your Hollywood parties. To bad you're selling though!


Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous...

Hello Gwyneth Paltrow: LA: She's so classy and traditional...i just knew her kitchen would be too!
Eddie Murphy: masculine wooden kitchen, unique bath, and enormous bar...look at that bowling alley!

Ashton Kutcher: very sleek kitchen: master bath looks a little dated but maybe that's why he's selling?
Alan Jackson: Who says country guys are slow and simple?? I heart the molding, flooring, windows, huge porch, and large kitchen! I wonder if this one is "way down yonder on the Chattahoochee"?


Paint My Door Red and Call Me Elizabeth Arden

This picture was the source of my inspiration for my senior design project when i was in college. Don't you just LOVE the red/almost pink color, the glass wall cabinets, black counter tops, stainless, and hint of yellow or green...if I were going red...i go here in a heart beat!

If you have a little more modern taste...red lacquer high gloss cabinets!

Little more rustic...i really enjoy natural elements in this kitchen: simple cabinetry, wooden butcher block island, flowers, veggies, etc...the sink is one of my favorite features. It could be modern, urban, rustic-it's just big, bold, and beautiful!

Country living for sure. Color and pattern on the floor is a unique way to introduce color into your kitchen palate.

I love the checkered floor so much! It seems like it would be so much fun anywhere in your home!

Don't have a lot of money to put into a bath renovation but love color? Fabric, fabric, fabric! Fabric will always change the look or feel of your space. Here the funky shower curtain with candle votives and flowers change the feel of this white on white bathroom!

Can you tell that I love tile mosaics yet? They can be so personalized. Like I've said before, tile mosaics are like a unique piece of art work. So personalize your own art work with mosaics!

Fun red tile will spice up your bath. This one shower wall with a 2 x 2 iridescent tile grid is a nice focal point for this bath.

Tile, cabinetry, counter tops, floors, and fabric...a fast change that's as easy as 1, 2, 3...sometimes!


Orange you glad I posted?

Lets be honest...orange is not going to be the first color I think of when wanting to spice things up in a room but with that being said there are really some cool, modern ways to incorporate it. Walls are an obvious choice, bringing in this color with fabrics is another, tile choices (solid color or mosaics!), even down to your door color like one of the pictures above-with the correct shade of orange you could completely make this color work for you!
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