Paint My Door Red and Call Me Elizabeth Arden

This picture was the source of my inspiration for my senior design project when i was in college. Don't you just LOVE the red/almost pink color, the glass wall cabinets, black counter tops, stainless, and hint of yellow or green...if I were going red...i go here in a heart beat!

If you have a little more modern taste...red lacquer high gloss cabinets!

Little more rustic...i really enjoy natural elements in this kitchen: simple cabinetry, wooden butcher block island, flowers, veggies, etc...the sink is one of my favorite features. It could be modern, urban, rustic-it's just big, bold, and beautiful!

Country living for sure. Color and pattern on the floor is a unique way to introduce color into your kitchen palate.

I love the checkered floor so much! It seems like it would be so much fun anywhere in your home!

Don't have a lot of money to put into a bath renovation but love color? Fabric, fabric, fabric! Fabric will always change the look or feel of your space. Here the funky shower curtain with candle votives and flowers change the feel of this white on white bathroom!

Can you tell that I love tile mosaics yet? They can be so personalized. Like I've said before, tile mosaics are like a unique piece of art work. So personalize your own art work with mosaics!

Fun red tile will spice up your bath. This one shower wall with a 2 x 2 iridescent tile grid is a nice focal point for this bath.

Tile, cabinetry, counter tops, floors, and fabric...a fast change that's as easy as 1, 2, 3...sometimes!

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  1. The lattice on the ceiling of the 4th kitchen is a very creative way to add depth!


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