Hanging on by a thread...or a wire in this case!

How genius is this?? This is such a creative & easy pendant that you can create right at home: all you need is a colander!!

I saw this used at a bar near 5-points in Atlanta, GA and fell in love with them! What a great way to bring the past into the future.

For all of you wine connoisseurs this one is for you! These wine glasses turned upside down seem as if they would reflect the perfect amount of light off of each other with just one simple bulb in the center!

I have always loved these basket pendants. They are such a natural element to use in this kitchen. They blend in completely with their surrounding but a fun color could make them pop for more of an artistic touch.

This modern glass pendant is sure to become quite a conversation piece in your kitchen, bar, or around your dining room table.

These pendants are one of the first pendants that I remember seeing when I started this blog a few weeks ago. They pretty much are the reason for this particular post. They bring so much to this space without being to distracting. I loved them!

Who doesn't love fabric?? These would be so easy to create in your own home. I would buy a colander lamp shade and cover it with fabric then buy a lighting kit and wah-lah, a beautiful and unique pendant light!

I adore these woven pendant lamps. They are cool and creative!!!

Wooden bulb pendant lamps...they are actually in the shape of light bulbs and they come in a variety of stain choices to choose from!

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  1. I want that hanging colander fabric lamp!! You have such good taste and great ideas!


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