Trick or Treat!

Treat...definitely a treat!

Blue Moon...

Hello Love...this is a kitchen that I found when researching subway tile for a client and it is without a doubt one of my favorite kitchens of all time. I adore the blue subway tile and white Shaker cabinetry with mullion doors and stainless appliances and the HUGE amounts of light flowing in even more. The natural elements such as the wooden based stools and the bamboo shades bring this kitchen down to earth for me. The smallest little touch of yellow on the lemons is perfect too! Tile and decorative accessories-easy way to splash a bit of color. Love it!!!

Some of my favorite kitchens are this light shade of blue. This color is so calming to me and paired with a white farm sink, stainless deck mount bridge faucet, and beautiful flowers like the pink ones in this picture, it seams like peaceful perfection to me.

This feels so classic to me, like it would be somewhere in the south in a kitchen on a plantation. Painting bead board inside of your cabinetry is a great idea for adding a little color into your space. Your color doesn't even have to necessarily match the china that's within your cupboards like what is shown here.

Adding tile of any size, shape, color, or form will help spruce up your bath. This blue splash of tile is like a piece of art work! I love it, it's so fun and creative. It just makes me want to dance! Getting ready in this bath would be a happening event every morning.

Bead board wainscoting is a nice, simple way to add a little charm to your bath. Painting it an accent color, like this blue, will add just the right amount color without going overboard.


Green with Envy

Here are a few pictures of ways to incorporate green into your kitchen! I love the first picture. The cabinets going to the ceiling really heightens this space, giving it such a grand feel. I enjoy the small touch of green on the ceiling also. With white walls, open space, black counter tops, and a small touch of red...beautiful! The second has green mixed with white, black, and stainless. This green has a little more pop to it but paired with the other colors and textures its perfect (I adore the fun fabric on the cushions in the breakfast nook). The third picture, and one of my favorites, uses so many different hues of the color green: fabric on chairs, ceiling, cabinetry on the near side of the kitchen, the door (I love the door!), and even the fruit on the table. This is such a fun, unique, and easy way to incorporate green. I also love the small hints of yellow to top it all off!


Think Pink

Here are photos of two unique design ideas on how to use color. These particular rooms obviously utilized pink, one of my favorites! I love the adorable soft pink appliances in the kitchen mixed with just a touch of blue. This is a great idea of how to pop a little color without being too dramatic. If you LOVE the idea of being a little bold & dramatic try splashing a wild color, like this shade of pink, on the walls! Fun, fun, fun!!!


Dare you say...partay?

These outdoor kitchen areas are just screaming for huge parties to be thrown! If you're lucky enough to have an outdoor grilling oasis of this magnitude I would be thrilled to attend a party at your house anytime!!

Can't you just imagine guests sitting out here at night watching the stars while you're grilling away and playing host? This particular outdoor kitchen doesn't have a lot of cabinetry options shown but it is very unique. I love the pergolas over each grilling station!

I love the way these homeowners incorporated wooden cabinetry with their outdoor kitchen/dining area. This makes it feel like you're actually standing inside of your kitchen and the cabinetry also helps to conceal cooking necessities. The oversized hood is such a perfect focal point for this area; a smaller hood would have completely been lost in this open space.

Hello! I'll take mine by the cabana please! I can see this being at someones personal residence in Rome or Italy...or be very Americanized like at a hotel in Las Vegas. Either way, it feels timeless with the arched roofline and flowing draperies.

This is a typical stone look that one might see for an outdoor kitchen. Now this might be a little intense for some but imagine the cuisine possibilities here! I would love to be on the other side sitting in a bar stool placing my order for sure.

There are so many fun AND functional ways to create an outdoor kitchen/dining/living space. Try to re-invent the wheel and think outside of the box in this area! This should be an area for relaxation and fun so have fun designing it! Stone, wood, tile, plaster, stainless steel, etc...just go for it!


I've had it up to here!

Coffered Ceiling
Pressed Tin Ceiling

Stained Glass Ceiling

Arched Ceiling

Planked Ceiling

Ceiling Beams

There are several types of ceiling designs to consider when building or remodeling your home. People often splurge to have a more decorative dining room or living room ceiling for guests when entertaining but often forget about the kitchen! The kitchen is one of the biggest selling features of a home and it's always where friends and family gather...so why not make the kitchen one of the most dramatic rooms of your home?


My First Post


This is my very first blogging experience and I am so excited to start things off with one of my favorite kitchen and bath designers, Ellen Cheever, CMKBD, ASID, CAPS. Ellen has been a leader in the kitchen and bath industry for the over 37 years. I was able to attend one of her seminars in Atlanta, Ga a few years ago and enjoyed getting to learn more about her personally, her nationally recognized company, and her experiences within this crazy and every changing interior design/kitchen and bath field. She has been gifted enough to not only be a designer (for residential projects, marketing/exhibits, and showrooms) but to also be a spokesperson for our industry, an author, a product consultant for several manufacturers, and to top it off she was inducted into the NKBA's (National Kitchen and Bath Association) Hall of Fame...when does she find time to sleep???

Ellen Cheever is certainly someone that inspires me within my career and hopefully this blog will be a source of inspiration to some of you who view it!

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