Green with Envy

Here are a few pictures of ways to incorporate green into your kitchen! I love the first picture. The cabinets going to the ceiling really heightens this space, giving it such a grand feel. I enjoy the small touch of green on the ceiling also. With white walls, open space, black counter tops, and a small touch of red...beautiful! The second has green mixed with white, black, and stainless. This green has a little more pop to it but paired with the other colors and textures its perfect (I adore the fun fabric on the cushions in the breakfast nook). The third picture, and one of my favorites, uses so many different hues of the color green: fabric on chairs, ceiling, cabinetry on the near side of the kitchen, the door (I love the door!), and even the fruit on the table. This is such a fun, unique, and easy way to incorporate green. I also love the small hints of yellow to top it all off!

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