Dare you say...partay?

These outdoor kitchen areas are just screaming for huge parties to be thrown! If you're lucky enough to have an outdoor grilling oasis of this magnitude I would be thrilled to attend a party at your house anytime!!

Can't you just imagine guests sitting out here at night watching the stars while you're grilling away and playing host? This particular outdoor kitchen doesn't have a lot of cabinetry options shown but it is very unique. I love the pergolas over each grilling station!

I love the way these homeowners incorporated wooden cabinetry with their outdoor kitchen/dining area. This makes it feel like you're actually standing inside of your kitchen and the cabinetry also helps to conceal cooking necessities. The oversized hood is such a perfect focal point for this area; a smaller hood would have completely been lost in this open space.

Hello! I'll take mine by the cabana please! I can see this being at someones personal residence in Rome or Italy...or be very Americanized like at a hotel in Las Vegas. Either way, it feels timeless with the arched roofline and flowing draperies.

This is a typical stone look that one might see for an outdoor kitchen. Now this might be a little intense for some but imagine the cuisine possibilities here! I would love to be on the other side sitting in a bar stool placing my order for sure.

There are so many fun AND functional ways to create an outdoor kitchen/dining/living space. Try to re-invent the wheel and think outside of the box in this area! This should be an area for relaxation and fun so have fun designing it! Stone, wood, tile, plaster, stainless steel, etc...just go for it!

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