...and we're back!

It has been a busy busy BUSY few months with getting more involved within projects at work, learning my new and beautiful city, making new friends, and doing everything without a personal computer (since April) but we are back and running and I'm so super excited!! I cannot even tell you how much I've missed blogging ideas and new inspirations. It's like having an online idea file that I get to share with you and go back to over and over again for ideas. Granted, my actual "idea file" on the laptop is 100 times larger than what's online, it still counts! So let's start this one off with a bang...my first installation within my new job! Whew!! This was such a fun project to work on. I came into this one after around 90% of the kitchen layout was complete but got to be a part of the design process; oversee most of the installation and tweaking within the entire house. This planked cabinetry style is the new face of our custom cabinetry. It has such a unique quality that I love...it can be a nightmare to get every little line to line up but completely and totally worth it! We brought this kitchen up to date and even a little more into the future while maintaining a classic look. I love the seamless and consistent lines (the hidden bathroom door), the white subway tile (my favorite of all time), and our clear glass pendants (our "ah-ha" moment). Such a great first install and great client to work with! Can't wait to show more of our designs once our installations are complete! :)

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  1. *Clapping hands and jumping up and down with excitement!*

    So glad to have you back, Rosemary! I was all set to go back on another hiatus, but with you around, I think I need to stay updated! This kitchen is absolutely gorgeous!!!! You and your team did such an amazing job!


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