"A Change is Gonna Come" the one and only, Otis Redding

Blog! Blog! Blog! ...at least that's what I think of everyday. Unfortunately, that's not what always occurs. Work and life here in the new city are starting to pick up and spin like they've both had a big night on the town. Let's see...I've been to Minnesota, back to GA, then Florida, back to GA, down to FL again (birth of my second niece: otherwise, for me, known as Aunt-hood 2.0), then finally back in GA for at least a week or two. Within the next month or three I should be going to New York (staying in a 3 story penthouse on Park Ave-pick your jaw up) for work, then South Carolina for a two week install, then Indiana for a fun wedding, then hopefully Aspen & Denver to meet two other clients (cross your fingers I'm on that trip)! It's only picked up just a little here right? Below are a few images of our MN trip and a couple of one really sweet little nugget!

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  1. 1. That sweet little darling is too precious for words! And with Aunt Rosemary in tow, she's guaranteed to be an immaculate dresser with the cutest living spaces!

    2. Can I hide in your suitcase? All of these trips sound like so much fun! Although also exhausting.

    3. Wow, your group did an AMAZING job on that lush mansion! And where did you get those bedroom lamps? Not that I need them or could ever afford them, but they make my heart race!


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