Chalk It Up To Love

I really love this fun little idea. I've seen it a lot in children's rooms but never on a range hood (adorable) or a pantry entrance. I know Benjamin Moore & RustOleum make this cute chalk board paint. You can find it places like Home Depot, Lowes, and Target. Such great ideas for all ages!! I wish that I'd had a chalk wall when I was younger...then maybe I wouldn't have "supposedly" drawn on my parents white bedspread with a red tube of lipstick. Let's count that one as lesson #1-learned! I can't wait to maybe get to use this somewhere in my future home one day! This one is certainly one to put in the idea vault!


  1. I triple heart love chalkboards in homes! So much fun!! I want to make a chalkboard area on one of our basement walls since it's kind of a game room. We could keep score of darts and ping pong games that way. Have you thought about doing a chalkboard project? Nesting Place is having a linking party today for chalkboard projects: http://www.thenester.com/

    It's funny because I kept messing mine up and it felt like forever until I was able to share it, but it seems to be perfect timing! Both Nesting Place and you are talking about them today, which makes me feel right on time!

    P.S. - I triple heart love your new blog design too!

  2. My darling little Rosebud would have NEVER written on my white bedspread with lipstick. That was your darling big sister writing on the bedspread and blaming it on you! I should have known that something as precious and adorable as you would not have done such (even though your sister was precious and adorable too).
    Your mother:)


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