"Temporary Home", Carrie Underwood

My husband and I . . . that's right I said HUSBAND . . . have recently been on the hunt for our first home. We should probably take a timeout and back up for a bit to catch up.  My sweet husband, Bryce, and I recently married and had the most amazing ceremony ever if I do say so myself . . . but let's be serious, don't all brides say that?  It was filled with happy tears, laughs, the most amazing family and friends, drinks, and dancing all night to a rock'n band.  We could not be more blessed and tearfully happy!  And those that know me know I do not "happy cry" nor have ever understood the concept so this is quite a surprise.  Happy crying is not my thing but for this man, they fall and flow like Niagara all the time.

We met at a friend's wedding in Charleston and began dating soon after.  B's from Indiana and I'm from Georgia.  After two years of flying back and forth every other weekend and racking up a hell of a lot of sky-miles, we married and decided to make our home in Indiana.

So we've been here about a year and starting to look for our first home, our first big purchase together besides the obvious: weddings, rings, honeymoons, moving...all crazy expensive, right?  Total budget blowers, who knew? We've seen several potential homes so far and let me tell you, they've been all over the board.  I'm a designer and I love everything.  I'm obsessed with houses, they are like little children to me.  I want to touch everyone of them, save them all, and love them back to their prime.  Because of that, we thought we'd discussed all of the major details we wanted before beginning this madness but many questions keep creeping up after each house as if jumping out and saying, "ah-ha, gotcha!": are you sure you really want a fixer upper?  don't want just a quick fix?  something downtown or something a bit further out?  temporary home or a forever home?  All this we've discussed . . . or so we thought.  So this leads us to the begging question of temporary homes vs forever homes.  Can you really have both?  A temporary fixer upper that is totally you right now and a home that has forever possibilities?  Do you buy for the you now or the you in the future?

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