Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

I'm thinking about going a little more glam this year. I wonder if any of the pieces that I want to re-finish would look good with this mirrored look??? I've added one more piece of furniture to my New Year's Restoration Resolution. I have a matching dresser that goes with my chest of drawers that's already on the list. Is there an easy way to even attempt this? I though if anything maybe I'll just put a mirrored top on one of them. I think mirrored pieces like the ones above are so beautiful. I couldn't imagine the Windex that you would go through to keep them polished though...


  1. Target and Pottery Barn both have the cutest mirrored pieces! You should check them out. And for DIY, I saw this great post:


    So Hollywood glam! I can't wait to see the results!

  2. Love, I was loooking for one myself. I think we could at least paint it silver and put mirrors on the top and sides!

  3. I love mirrored furniture! It's just so dang expensive. I have no idea how you would make something like that, but I'd love to see what you come up with!

  4. I really don't either Micah but Emily I'm with you-if you like then you should put a mirror on it! Meg sent a GREAT link to me today about creating that same look with silver leaf paper. I think I actually want to try it! What's the worst that could happen... I ruin a $15 piece of furniture?? Thanks Meg!



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