"Slow Dancing In A Burning Room", John Mayer

There's a small part of me that feels a little guilty putting that title...?

This was an amazing home here in Atlanta that was a rebuild project for us after a fire broke out in the kitchen and spread throughout the entire home. Walking through after the fire was just gut wrenching and even though it was a long process, I hope we left this client with a cool place that he can make new memories in...I think it ROCKS!

This planked kitchen is one of my all time favorites! The clean lines, subway tile, carrera marble & honed black countertops, the lighting, just everything. I loved this project!

Another hidden door! This one leads to a full bath & laundry area with cool glass tile and a custom vanity area. If you didn't know it was there, you'd never know it was there!

Amazing bath renovation. I would never get out of that shower, ever!

Because the fire destroyed anything and everything, we had a little fun with the attic and made it a guest suite. This was a very small but fun and functional bath addition for this space that we would not have been able to find if not for the fire.

I guess burning rings of fire are good for something else besides Johnny Cash, right?

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